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What is DMP and how can it help improve the effectiveness of your ad campaigns?

As the information space becomes more complex, businesses need new and more effective ways to communicate with their target audience digitally and new ways to find them in the digital space. DMP can help with this.

What is a data management platform (DMP)?

DMP ( Data Management Platform)  collects and organizes data from various open sources, makes it available for other platforms such as CRM, DSP, and advertising accounts of various social networks.

DMP enables companies to obtain unique insights into their customers and opens up endless opportunities for marketing experts, from the ability to conduct in-depth analytics and manage assortment to building effective personalized communications with customers.

How does DMP work?

DMP platforms collect unstructured audience data from open sources: mobile internet, mobile applications, web analytics tools, CRM, points of sale, social media, online videos and even television.

This data can be collected based on certain user behavior (clicks, likes, downloads), interests specified by users (sports, parenting, hobbies, etc.) and socio-demographic characteristics.

Different DMPs use different data sources. For example, UseID collects audience data from social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte and others, while complying with all requirements in the field of data processing and data security (GDPR, RF federal law #152 ).

What happens after data collection?

After collecting the primary data, it is organized by the platform according to certain algorithms. UseID uses one of the innovative principles of building relationships between data – the multidimensional graph model (Graph DB). The model allows you to build multiple connections between objects and assemble a complete user portrait from scattered data about them. Such data can be used to enrich the customer base with new knowledge, or to select audiences with specific characteristics.

The key difference between DMP and parsing services lies in the automatic processing of data based on a certain algorithm, after data collection: parsers only collect data, DMPs structure and organize it.

How to start working with DMP?

2 steps need to be fulfilled:

1. Build an audience

DMP collects audiences according to certain characteristics, which are set by those who use the platform – in this case, you. You determine the target audiences you need and for what purpose. For example – launching an advertising campaign for an audience with well-defined socio-demographic and behavioral characteristics on one of the social networks.

Since DMPs operate with large amounts of data, their criteria for searching for audiences significantly exceeds the number of settings available in social networks’ advertising offices and parsing services for social networks’ audiences. You can create an audience with any set of attributes!

2. Audience activation

At this stage, the received data starts working! DMP integrates with your other platforms via API, and audiences from DMP are easily transferred to CRM and ad offices. The possibilities and options of using the audiences collected by DMP are almost limitless!

What are DMP used for?

Data management platforms solve a wide range of problems and are used by companies from different industries around the world. The main users of DMP platforms are marketing experts and digital agencies.

What are the capabilities of DMP – and of UseID in particular?

  • Targeting audiences: the ability to accurately find your target audiences and target advertising campaigns for them.
  • Recommendations: personalizing communication with your customers.
  • Search for potential clients: search for a look-a-like audience (audiences with similar behavior and characteristics to your customers) and launching advertising campaigns toward them.
  • Enriching the client base with new knowledge: the ability to supplement your customer base with new customer data and use the gained knowledge to manage the assortment and build effective communications with customers.

Start working with DMP today

Of all the listed scenarios, personalization of the offer to customers is of particular importance for marketing experts. DMP platforms cope with this task perfectly: they provide an opportunity to address a specific target audience at the right time and get the most out of an advertising campaign (increase in CTR, conversion rate and a decrease in the cost of attracting users by up to 30%).

Would you like to learn more about DMP and test the UseID platform? Get in touch with us, and we will be happy to provide you with access to a demo.