Мы повышаем эффективность ваших рекламных кампаний

Наш сервис создан для вашего бизнеса

Почему мы?

Мы - команда людей из разных сфер знаний - маркетинг, IT, OSINT (Open Sourse INTelligence), менеджмент, развитие бизнеса, и у всех нас есть одна страсть - делать все, с чем мы работаем, более эффективными, доступными и простым в использовании.


Технологии. Как работает UseID?

UseID - это SaaS решение

1. The Core

Our main database where we store all information our Collectors have found. It is not a typical database - we use sophisticated graph DB - Arango.

2. The Collectors

Many different specially designed services which main objective is to collect as many information from different open sources (of course legally).

3. The Brain (The Matcher)

AI-based matching vehicle, all data collected by The Collectors and imported into the Core are analysed by the Matcher and evaluated for matching process (one person may have 3 acc. on different social networks, but The Brain will match them all together with 1 person).

4. Jarvis

Jarvis - our tribute to Tony Stark`s assistant (Part of us are fans of Iron Man) - Easy to use and intuitive interface for our service - just select options (social demographic, age, interests, geo, ID, income and much more) hit - Use It! and let Jarvis make it. All data will be exported into your ads cabinet.


We have achieved these results using our system to increase conversion and reduce costs of acquisition through efficient data enrichment across platforms.



CTR growth more than twice


CAC decreases up to 30%