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Instagram: a brief history of 10 years.

Instagram celebrated its 10th anniversary in October! So, let’s look back and see how history began.



  • October: first foto.
    Instagram’s co-founder Kevin Systrom uploaded the very first insta-pic – a photo of his golden retriever with caption “Test”. Today the total number of posts tagged #dog is 278 million.
  • December: app of the year in Apple AppStore
    The number of Instagram’s was 1,000,000! Apple named Instagram as the best app of the year in AppStore.


  • January: #hashtags
    Instagram adds hashtags to help users discover photos and each other. 

#love is Instagram’s top hashtag of all time with 1.824bill posts. 


  • April: Instagram for Android
    Instagram appeared in Google Play Store.   
  • April: Facebook buys Instagram
    Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg buys Instagram for a billion dollars.   
  • June: Exploring
    A new Explore Page section has been added to the application and allowed users to find new accounts or interesting content tailored specifically to their interests. 


  • May: Tagged photos
    Instagram has added tags to photos and a new “Photos with me” tab in profiles, which combines all the images on which a user is tagged.
  • June: Video
    Now you can share not only images, but also videos! Video length does not exceed 15 seconds, but anyway this is completely different content. 5mill video was uploaded for the first day! 
  • December: DMs
    Instagram added a DM feature that allowed users to send photos, videos and texts to each other.


  • June: new editing tools 

This update allowed users to not only add Instagram filters, but also edit brightness, contrast, highlights and shadows, right in the app.


  • September: Small screen ads
    Instagram allows advertisers to share 30-second video ads in their feed.


  • March: minute video 
    The advertiser’s advantage didn’t last for long – now users can publish long videos (up to 60 seconds).
  • June: algorithmical feed
    Instagram is switching from a chronological feed to an algorithm-driven feed, showing users posts based on their interests.
  • August: story
    Instagram is launching Stories like Snapchat! Now it is one of the most popular features of the application, which is used by over 500 million users daily.
  • November: Instagram becomes shoppable
  •  Shoppable Tags’ release – brands can now tag products for purchase. When users click on a tag, it allows them to view the product and prices, and also gives them the option to go to the brand’s website to purchase.
  • November: Live
    The Instagram Live feature is released allowing users to hold live broadcasts for up to one hour. 


  • February: carousel posts
    Perfect update for those who can’t pick one photo out of a dozen to post.


  • June:  IGTV
    Instagram is doubling down on videos with the launch of IGTV, a new video feature that allows users to upload long video content up to 10 minutes in length. Creators with larger audiences can download hourly IGTVs.  
  • June: one billion monthly active users!
    Instagram  is now ranked third in the world after Facebook and YouTube.
  •  hits a major milestone, reaching one billion monthly active users, after passing 800 million in September 2017. Sitting third behind Facebook, which is the number one social media platform with 2.23 billion users and YouTube coming in at second with 1.9 billion users.


  • March: checkout on Instagram
    Instagram  releases the checkout function. Now Instead of the ‘View on Website’ button when clicking on a shoppable tag, users can ‘Checkout on Instagram’ enabling them to make quick and easy in-app purchases.
  • November: hidden likes go global
    “For the well-being” of users, Instagram is starting to test hiding likes.


  • May: monetization of IGTV
    Ads are starting to play in IGTV videos for selected 200 English-speaking author partners and select ad partners like IKEA and Sephora.
  • August: competition with TikTok
    Instagram launches Reels, a short video feature that allows users to create and find short entertainment videos up to 30 seconds in length.