Who We are

Together we develop your business

About Us

Our team of multi-expertise specialists (IT, marketing, management, business development) all have the same passion – to make everything we work on more effective, more affordable and easier to use. We founded UseID to help marketing professionals all across the globe achieve their targets in an easier and more cost-effective manner.


We are certain that with the help of modern technologies and our developments, we will be able to make the advertising market more efficient for business and beneficial for consumers.

Our Philosophy

A. Satin, CEO UseID

1. The key is to focus all our attention on the client’s request and HEAR it properly. The client is our main customer.

2. It’s better to do one thing, but to do it very well. We work with data and big data. Based on this data and our algorithms, we are able to create hyper-targeted audiences for advertising on social networks. We ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY do this, and we do it WELL!

3. Better faster than slower. We value our clients’ time, and understand that they want to instantly get the desired results, which we strive to achieve. We work on the most modern development stack, constantly improve the efficiency of our infrastructure and data processing algorithms, so that our customers, despite request complexity, receive results from us as quickly as possible.

4. There is always much more information than can be processed. We aim to process available data as thoroughly as possible, but we understand and explain to our customers that there is no limit to perfection, and both the query and the algorithm can always be augmented

5. You can be serious without a tie. We are confident that a democratic corporate culture, which extends beyond the lack of a dress code and fixed working hours, paves the way for unique achievements. The atmosphere in our company can be informal, however, when new ideas arise in a cafe, at a meeting or in the gym, they are discussed, tested and implemented at breakneck speed. And they can start a new project that will conquer the world.

6. Ecology starts with small steps. We take the issues of environmental pollution and efficient use of resources seriously. Therefore, in our company, all workplace lighting has switched to LED sources, motion sensors are installed to turn off the light where there are no people present, and we also conduct separate waste collection and participate in many city programs to improve the urban environment.